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11 Best Space Gifts for Kids of All Ages {2022}

space gifts for kids

Are you looking for something related to space gifts for your young kid who loves astronomy? Then, you will find here the 11 best space gifts for kids of all ages. 

  • A gift to discover the wonders of the universe.

So many kids love space/astronomy, it is because kids are always keen to know. And our universe is full of mystery. A space gift for kids can help them to learn and enjoy themselves together. 

  • SANTA would prefer these listed space gifts as he also loves the Sky.

Why choose Space Gifts for Kids?

There are many things in space kids want to know, like planets, moons, sun, stars, and galaxies. And something related to astronomy could help them to get interested more. A physical item can also help kids to understand space-related things better. 

  • Teaching a child theoretically about astronomy is not a good option.

So, if your kid is a space enthusiast then you can go for a space gift. Our team has listed here some of the best space gifts for kids. Many of these astronomy gifts would help of all ages kids. 

11 Best Space Gifts for Kids

1. Rocket Launcher Gift Toy for Boys and Girls

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Best suitable for:- 3+ Year Olds Boys and Girls.

This space gift includes 6 rockets and a launcher stand. The rockets are made of high-quality foam and the launcher is also durable. This is one of the best-rated space gifts on Amazon USA. It does not need any battery and is easy to assemble. 

  • The rocket can go up to 100 feet. This can be a perfect gift for a birthday or holiday gift.

2. Bill Nye’s VR Space and Science Kit

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Best suitable for:- 8 to 14 Years Old Children.

This gift is a Virtual Reality based space and science kit. A kid can explore and learn about the solar system and space. This can give a great learning experience for your kids and they can join Bill Nye who is also known as Science Guy. With the help of this gift your kid can get; 128 virtual reality and augmented reality experiences, a 96 pages interactive book, 30 interactive projects, 85 pieces set with puzzles, crafts, VR goggles, and many more. 

  • This gift can ensure your kid will LEARN, PLAY, and EXPERIENCE.

3. Astronaut Night Light Projector for Kids, Adults

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Best suitable for:- Kids to Adults.

This astronaut projector could be the best gift for space fans and children. The night light projector has remote control functions. The projection angle can be adjusted 360°. It can show 8 nebula effects experience. This projector night light is made of high-quality material for long-lasting. 

  • An automatic timer and multicolor mode functions are also available.

4. Astronaut Costume – Gifts for Boys and Girls

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Best suitable for:- 3 to 7-year-old girls and boys.

An astronaut costume is a great gift for your space-lover kid. This space suit comes with a cool space helmet and silver gloves. A good gift for a universe/space-themed party and also it could be a good Halloween costume for your kids.

  • A great space gift for your kid if he/she wants to become an astronaut when grows up.

5. Planets Large Dart Board Children Gifts

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Best suitable for:- 3 to 12 Years Olds Children.

This space-themed large dart board game is fun for kids and families. It has 12 sticky balls with strong stickiness. The board size is large (29 inches) for a higher hit rate. It is a good indoor and outdoor game for all ages.  

  • This gift can improve your kid’s skills and learning. 

6. Solar System Planetarium Gift for Kids & Teens

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Best suitable for:- 7 years and up, boys and girls. 

This Solar System Planetarium planet model is one of the top-rated space gifts for kids in the United States. It is a DIY astronomy toy gift that glows in the dark. It comes with other essentials to complete the set (just assemble, paint, and learn). 

  • Your child can learn about the solar system with this very little price astronomy gift.

7. Moon Lamp Galaxy Lamp 3D Printing for Kids

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Best suitable for:- Kids, Girls, Boys, Lovers, and for everyone who loves night light. 

This moon lamp by Brightworld is one of the best-rated and best seller galaxy lamps. The moon lamp has the touch and remote control features. You can change 16 colors with the remote and 7 colors with only touch. 

  • The battery is very long-lasting. A great gift for kids and adults.

8. Space Party Favors Supplies Space Toys Gift

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Best suitable for:- 3-Year-Olds and up. 

This space party supplies a lot of space toys that your young kid would love. It comes with 12 pcs space-themed slap bracelets, 12 bouncy luminous balls, 12 space tattoo stickers, 12 rocket flashlight keychains, 12 space neckless, and some other space-related items. 

  • This is one of the best space gifts for a party.

9. Ages 3+ Space Projector Gift for Kids

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Best suitable for:- 3+ years olds boys and girls.

This gift is a projector light, especially for kids. This is a battery operated shining star projector for kids. It includes 3 discs with 8 images on each (total 24 space images) to project. This gift also comes with a activity guide filled with some space facts.

  • Your kid can project from upto 10 feets away on the wall or bedroom.

10. Rocket Ship Kids Play Tent Gift Play

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Best suitable for:- 3+ years girls and boys. 

This is a rocket play tent for kids. Any child would love this as a gift. This could the best for indoor and outdoor activities with learnings. The space tent has enough height for play and enjoyment. This is made of high-quality material. The printing on the tent is non-toxic and water resistant. 

  • The tent floor has engaging cockpit illustrations.

11. Space Playset for Girls and Boys 3-8 Years

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Best suitable for:- 3 to 8 Years Old.

Every kid would love this space gift even if he is a little interested in astronomy. This gift comes with many space toys, like; a rocket ship, astronaut toys, space rover, space station, and educational solar system map. This space playset is BPA-free, non-toxic, odorless, and strong. 

  • Some of these toys have lights and sound that make a perfect adventure trip for kids.

These were the 11 best space gifts for kids of all ages. These gifts would help the kid to learn about space/astronomy. 

Some of these gifts are best suitable for 5-year-olds, 7-year-olds, 8-year-olds, and 12-year-olds boys, and girls. The above-listed gifts can also make your child’s Christmas best for this year 2022.

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