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11 Best Solar System Toys for Kids {2023}

Solar System Toys for Kids

Are you looking for the best solar system toys to educate your kids about the solar system and all? Then here you get the reviews of the 11 best solar system toys for kids in 2023. These exciting toys will educate and entertain your child. 

Why does a kid need solar system toys?

Knowing about the solar system is so interesting from a child’s point of view. Many new-age kids love listening and exploring more about the solar system and space.

  • Does teaching them theoretically about the solar system and space a good option? I guess NO!

They must need some physical object to get it better. So, here Planets Education team has selected the 11 best solar system toys after many hours of analysis and research. 

These solar system toys help your kids to understand Our Solar System and its objects, like planets, moons, sun, asteroids, comets, stars, and other space objects. With the help of these toys, a child can remember about planets and the solar system for a long period of time.

11 Best Solar System Toys

1. Giant Inflatable Solar System

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This solar system kit by Learning Resources is a great choice for your kids. It’s a giant inflatable solar system toy. It has 8 planets, the sun, the moon, and other required equipment like a repair kit, activity guide kit, and foot pump. The size is quite big around 23 inches to 5 inches.

A kid can learn a lot through this solar system toy like the planet’s size, order, position, shape, and all. This would be very useful for 5 to 10 years old kids.

2. Solar System Floor Puzzle

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This puzzle by Melissa & Doug is one of the top-rated puzzles on Amazon. It has 48 pieces and the total size is 3×2 feet. Your child can learn a lot about the solar system through this puzzle with entertainment.

The price of this solar system puzzle toy is comparatively less, you can check it on Amazon. This solar system toy is suitable for 3 to 7 years old girls or boys.

3. Virtual Reality Kids Space and Solar System Kit

Solar System VR Kitcheck on amazon

This learning toy by Abacus Brands is an awesome science and solar system toy. It comes with VR Goggles that make all learning exciting.

The VR is compatible with all types of smart-phone. This toy has many learning activities set with a 96-page interactive book. This science and solar system activity toy is very helpful for 8 to 14 years-old kids.

4. 3D Solar System Glow In The Dark

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This solar system kit by Great Explorations is like a planetarium in your room. It comes with 3D planets, star stickers, an educational guide, and other required items. You can hang it on your ceiling and these planets and stars will glow in the dark.

This toy is loved by many kids and is one of the good selling online solar system toys on Amazon. This would be suitable for 3 to 10-year-olds and up.

5. Astronaut NASA Pilot Costume with Helmet

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If your kid is a space enthusiast then this Astronaut NASA Costume would be a great gift. This is a safety test-approved costume and meets US toy standards. It comes with a movable visor space Helmet.

This is good quality and top-rated selling astronaut costume on Amazon. All sizes are available for 3 to 15 years old kids.

6. Premium Solar System Model Kit for Kids

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This solar system model kit by the Playz brand is a DIY project for space toys. It has 8 planets, 8 white balls to paint yourself, the sun (as a projector light), an orbit motor (4 different speeds), and other required kits.

It has all the necessary items your kid needs to learn about the solar system with joy while playing. This space toy kit is one of the biggest solar system model kits available in the USA. It is suitable for 6 years old to up kids.

7. Electronic Educational Talking Solar System Poster

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This electronic talking poster is one of the best solar system education toys for toddlers and kids of age 3 to 8 years old. With the help of this solar system poster, children can learn planet names, fun facts about planets, sweet songs, and many more with different playing modes.

This solar system toy for toddlers and kids can develop learning skills, logical thinking, concentration, and curiosity.

8. Rocket Planet Design Tent for Boys and Girls

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This unique space and planet design tent are one of the top-rated toys on US Amazon Online. The tent floor has amazing cockpit illustrations about a rocket.

This toy creates a feeling and your kid can learn a lot about space. Your child can enjoy an indoor or outdoor activity game with the help of this solar system toy. The size of this tent is quite enough for 2-4 kids to play inside.

9. 3-in-1 Solar System Pool and Play Mat

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This sprinkler pool playmat illustrated with a solar system makes your kid learn about planets and space while enjoying summer. It is a 60 inches inflatable water summer sprinkler pool, enough for 3-4 kids.

This parent-approved outdoor toy for toddlers will keep children safe and cool. This solar system toy makes learning easy and fun. It is recommended for 12 months and above.

10. 3D Puzzle Multicolor Solar System

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If you are looking for a puzzle learning toy, then believe me this solar system toy will end your search here. This 3D puzzle is one of my best solar system toys for kids.

This toy has 522 pieces of high-quality plastic jigsaw puzzles and comes with a poster. This 3D solar system puzzle is suitable for 7+ years old boys and girls.

11. Uncle Milton Moon In My Room

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If you love the moon or looking for a night light projector, then this is recommended. It will feel like a “moon in your room”. It gives soft moonlight and you can the phases like the real moon with help of remote control.

This moon toy comes with a learning poster and an instruction manual. Its soft light shows all lunar phases. Anyone can use this in his/her room to enjoy the moonlight.

So, these were the 11 best solar system toys for kids in 2023. Our team has listed them after hours of analysis, so hopefully, you have what you were looking for. These toys surely will help your child to learn about the solar system and space.

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