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About Us

Planets Education is a website owned and founded by “Ashish Singh”. Here you can find the educational contents especially related to the General Knowledge of Planets, Universe, Space, and Science.

Author & Writer:-

Ashish Singh is an enthusiastic learner of cosmology and always trying to be an expert on this topic. He has written all content of the Planets-Education by ownself. He is a leading writer about general knowledge of space, universe, planets, science, and especially related to cosmology. 

I (Ashish Singh) publish interesting facts and mysterious articles for improving knowledge about the universe and science. As you can see everything available in this blog is not unique but I have tried to present these elements in a proper and modified way. as the name suggests is all related to education and knowledge. Science and physics education, geography education, universe or cosmology education, and much general knowledge related information are given to its readers regularly. 

I usually post an article about the facts of space and the universe every week. These articles are mostly read and loved by the audiences of the US, UK, Canada, Asian countries, Australia, and many more.   

So keep in touch for more interesting information and facts. If you have any queries, you can connect with me by filling the contact form on the contact us page. Suggestions are always welcomed.

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