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Jupiter Distance from Sun/Earth

Jupiter distance from sun and earth

Jupiter is the second planet from the Earth and the fifth planet from the Sun. Here you will know the exact distance between Jupiter to Earth and Jupiter’s distance from the Sun. 

Jupiter distance from Sun and Jupiter distance from Earth has been mentioned in all required units, like kilometers, miles, light-years, and AU (Astronomical Unit). 

The distance between Sun and Jupiter is around 5.20 AU. This is the mean distance between the sun and planet Jupiter. Jupiter orbits around the sun in an elliptical way, so the distance between these two continuously varies. 

It is easy to find the distance between the Jupiter and Sun, as Jupiter orbit the Sun. But do you know how far Jupiter is from Earth? As Jupiter and Earth, both are planets and they continue rotating at different speeds around the Sun! So, the distance between Earth and Jupiter always varies. 

Here in this article, you will get to know how far away is Jupiter from Earth. 

Jupiter distance from Sun

Every planet’s distance from its star is always variable. While orbiting the Sun, planet Jupiter approaches a minimum distance and a maximum distance in a year. 

Below is mentioned the average distance between Sun and Jupiter in Kilometer units: 

  • On average Jupiter is 778.50 million kilometers away from the Sun.
  • The farthest distance from the Sun to Jupiter is – 816.36 million km.
  • The closest distance between the Sun and Jupiter is – 740.60 million km.

Jupiter to Sun distance in miles

  • Average distance – 483.73 million miles
  • Farthest distance – 507.26 million miles
  • Closest distance – 460.18 million miles

Jupiter to Sun distance in light-years

  • Average distance – 8.23 × 10-5 light-years
  • Farthest distance – 8.63 × 10-5 light-years
  • Closest distance – 7.83 × 10-5 light-years

Jupiter to Sun distance in AU

AU stands for astronomical unit and is used to measure longer distances in the solar system. 1 AU is around 150 million km (distance between the sun and earth).

  • Avergae distance – 5.20 AU
  • Farthest distance – 5.45 AU
  • Closest distance – 4.95 AU

Jupiter distance from Earth

Here you must want to know, how far is Jupiter from Earth? Finding the distance between Jupiter and Sun is easy, as the only planet Jupiter rotates around the sun and we consider the sun as a fixed point. But, finding the distance between the Earth and Jupiter is critical. As both planets rotate around the sun and sometimes the distance between them would be near and sometimes would be farther. 

closest distance jupiter to earth

farthest distance between earth to jupiter

As you can see in the first image, the distance between Jupiter and Earth is less than the distance between Jupiter and Sun. But in the second image, the distance between Jupiter and Earth is more than the distance between Jupiter and Sun. 

  • On average, Jupiter is around 720 million kilometers (447 million miles) away from the Earth.
  • The farthest distance between the Earth and Jupiter is around 965 kilometers (600 million miles).
  • Whereas, the closest distance from the earth to Jupiter is around 590 million km (367 million miles)