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Planet Books: Books about Planets (All Aged Kids)

Books about Planets

Kids are always keen to know more and a book can help them more efficiently. Here in this article, you will get the best books about planets for all ages kids.

  • There are 8 planets, just in our solar system. But…there are billions of billions of planets available in our whole universe.

Our solar system and space are full of wonders and most kids want to explore them. A book about planets will give them enough initial information about planets and all. 

These planets books will help a child to learn about our solar system, planets, moons, and more. The books about planets are listed here in an appropriate manner so that you can select a book according to your kid’s age.

No matter whether you’re already a space enthusiast or a beginner who has an interest in reading about planets, these mentioned books will help you to get some specific information. Whether you’re children or an adult, many of these planet books will provide you with basic information about our solar system

Best Books About Planets

Below you will find books about planets for kids of all ages. These planets books are specially listed for kids/children but are not limited. And anyone (including adults) can learn a lot using/reading them. 

My First Book of Planets

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Best suitable for:- 3 to 6 year-olds boys and girls.

My first book of planets is all about the solar system for kids. With the help of this book, a child can learn about the sun, moon, all planets, dwarf planets, and more. A kid can explore the solar system with some incredible photos and fascinating facts.

Planets and the Solar System

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Best suitable for:- 1 to 5 year old kids.

This is a great planet and solar system book for toddlers and preschoolers. The book has embossed pictures and fun facts that allow your toddler to touch and feel as they learn. Good for preschool girls and boys, they can learn about our all planets easily.

I Am the Solar System: A book

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Best suitable for:- 3 to 6 year boys and girls. 

This book is all about the solar system. It has engaging facts and exciting images that any kid would love to read again and again. This book on planets is simple to learn and specially made for kindergarten, toddlers, and 1st-grade kids. 

The Planets: Visual Guide to Our Solar System

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Best suitable for:- 6+ years kids to adults.

The Planets is one of the best books about planets for children as well as adults. This book is filled with astonishing facts about the planets of space. This book has used images from NASA and European Space Agency for those who have an interest in astronomy and space exploration.

National Geographic Readers: Planets

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Best suitable for:- 4-10 year-olds kids.

This book of planets is written in simple language to make it easy for young readers to understand. The book explains the solar system, planets, dwarf planets, and more with a lot of amazing facts. Any kid from kindergarten to 4th grade would love reading this book.

Stars and Planets: The Most Complete Guide

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Best suitable for:- 12+ years old.

This stars and planets book by Ian Ridpath is one of the best books for astronomy lovers. This book has superb color sky charts, diagrams, and photographs of the night sky as never before. It is just an indispensable guide to the night sky. You will love the information given in this book about planets and stars.

The Planets: Planet Picture Book

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Best suitable for:- All Ages.

This book is one of the best for pictures of planets and the solar system. If you are interested in space and astronomy, you will really be going to like this Planets Book. It is one of the best-rated books on Amazon USA. It has more than 200 breathtaking photographs from the archives of NASA covered with captions and facts. 

Solar System Reference for Teens

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Best suitable for:- 10+ years old boys and girls. 

With the help of this simple guidebook about planets, anyone would like to explore the solar system. It has tons of images and fascinating facts. It is good for 5-grade-level to 10-grade-level kids. This is an informative Planet Book, so many children, as well as adults, also like it.

Solar System for Kids

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Best suitable for:- 5-6–7-8-9-10-year-olds.

If you are searching for solar system books for kids then this one will be a great choice. This Solar System for Kids is filled with fascinating facts and photographs, that’ll excite your mind and charge your curiosity. It has just not only covered planets but also explains the universe’s birth and about galaxies, and stars. 

13 Planets: Latest View of the Solar System

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Best suitable for:- 4-year-olds to 10-year-olds boys and girls.

This book has explained the latest view of our solar system planets for kids. It is a great choice for kids who started to read and have an interest in space. With help of this book, a kid can learn about the 13 planets (8 planets plus 5 dwarf planets) with other solar system objects. 

So…these were some best books about planets and our solar system. These books have included many special facts with interesting information about our planets. Some of these books have great pictures of planets, moons, the sun, dwarf planets, and more.

The author of Planets Education always recommends planet books that will help to learn and grow with interest. Hope you must like reading them once. 

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