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7 Best Space Movies and {Must-Watch} Movies in 2023

A space movie can give good astronomy knowledge, thrill, and entertainment. Space is filled with infinite possibilities and everyone wants to explore something unknown. But many of these movies are just for entertainment and can not provide proper and correct space knowledge. Then watching only the best space movies can enhance your space knowledge, so here we have added only good space movies recommended by space enthusiasts.

If you are looking for some futuristic movies or the best space movies then check the below list of top 7. These listed futuristic movies are blockbusters of their time and still counting on top. 

Seven Best Futuristic Movies

Grab your popcorn and plan to watch these movies. You must gonna enjoy it…

7. Sunshine (2007)

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Sunshine is a science fiction futuristic movie that follows the time of 2057 in the future when the sun was dying and our earth was freezing. This is the story of eight astronaut missions to reignite the dying sun. The movie is based on the one idea of the fate of the universe “The Big Freeze”. You can read here, how the universe will end?

6. Salyut 7 (2017)

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This is a Russian movie based on the story of the Soyuz T-13 mission in 1985. This film was a blockbuster and received many awards in 2018. The story is related to how the cosmonauts make contact with the lost Soyuz 7 space station. If you like watching something thrilling spacecraft mission scenes, then this movie should be on the list of must-watch.

5. Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

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This is a superhero film of American-based Marvel character Thor. It is the sequel to Thor and other  Marvel movies. Thor Ragnarok is a sci-fi space and comedy-based movie. You gonna love its comedy if you have watched the other Marvel Superhero-based movies. You can also see Loki and Hulk in this movie. Overall it is great entertainment futuristic and space-related movies. 

thor ragnarok 2017

4. Gravity (2013)

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Gravity is one of the best thriller space movies. This movie is totally based on space or celestial location. It also explains how gravity works in space. In this movie, the scene is related to how astronauts return home (Earth) after their spacecraft crashed with space debris. You must watch this movie once if you are a space lover. Also, you can check our article, Gravity and Gravitational Force.

3. Wall-E (2008)

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Wall-E is a computer-animated science-fiction futuristic movie. The WALL-E stands for “Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth”. It is based on a future when there was no human on earth and Wall-E was a robot with a duty to clean the garbage of earth. This sci-fi movie has love, comedy, romance, and educational information about space. If you love animation movies then this one is a must recommend for you. But if you do not like animation movies but love space movies, still we’d recommend watching this movie once.

2. The Martian (2015)

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The Martian is one of my favorite space movies. The story is about some astronauts visiting Mars and in an accident, the crew of astronauts leaves behind one member. How he survives on Mars and returns home is all about the scene in the movie. You may get a lot of space knowledge in this futuristic awesome movie.

1. Interstellar (2014)

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Interstellar was released in 2014 and since then I have watched it many times. It is one of the most loved Space and Futuristic Movie by people. You gonna learn a lot after watching this movie, this movie explains gravity, black holes, time travel, and a lot of celestial terms you may like. The story is about how astronauts visit space and come home after time travel. This is an attractive and emotional movie. Overall you not gonna get miss a single scene. 

So, these were the 7 best space movies so far, even in 2023. If you are a space lover then you must watch some of these. Still, if you have missed any, then go and enjoy watching it.

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