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Universe Facts: 7 Amazing Facts about the Universe

Amazing Facts about the Universe

If anything in this universe is the most mysterious then it is the universe itself. It has infinite numbers of mysteries and amazing facts that no one even can imagine. Even we have defined it, without knowing about it. Well, it is extremely large and not easy to know about it all. But here you can know some amazing Universe Facts

Here I have explained only 7 but these are the most amazing facts about the universe that I considered and you must know about it. Our universe contains everything that is physically present like atoms, elements, planets, stars, black holes, galaxies, dark matter, and dark energy. 

Universe Facts

1. Universe expanding faster than anything

You have heard about the speed of light, it is 3 × 105 km/sec in a vacuum. If we consider there is a vacuum hole from one side to another side of our planet earth and pass the light through the hole then this light can cross 24 earth in 1 second. 

speed of light in universe

Let’s do some math:-

              the diameter of earth= 12742 km

              24×12742= 305808 (it’s almost equal to the light travel in one second)

expansion of universe

But can you imagine the expanding speed of the universe is faster than the light? Yes! Our universe is expanding with accelerating speed. Its observable diameter is around 93 billion light-years and the universe was formed 13.7 billion years ago. It means in 13 billion years it expands 93 billion light-years so in 1 year it expands around 7 light-years. Then the speed of the universe is around 7 times greater than the speed of light yet.

2. 95% mass of the universe is filled with invisible substances and force

Facts about the Universe

The planets, stars, galaxies, black holes, and what others we could have observed in the universe, actually only contain 5 % of the universe. 95 % of the mass present in the universe is invisible. These are called dark matter and dark energy because they can not be seen. Dark energy is a force that repels gravity and expands the universe with accelerating speed. 70% is dark energy and 25% is dark matter in the universe. Only 5% are all elements, matters, planets, galaxies, and other physical objects.

3. A 5 cm part of a neutron star is heavier than Earth

A neutron star gives amazing facts about the universe because of its heavier density and mass. A neutron star can weigh around 1.4 times greater than our sun but its size is around 20 km in diameter. So when we consider the weight of only 5 cm of neutron star then it would be approximately equal to the weight of our planet earth. 

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Let’s do some math:-

                20 km → 1.4 × mass of the sun

                20 km → 1.4 × 2 × 1030

                20 *1000*100 cm → 1.4 × 2 × 1030

                1 cm → 1.4  × 1024

                5 cm → 7.0 × 1024

So it will be heavier than the mass of the earth (6 × 1024 kg)   

Earth and Star

4. What if we put a spoonful of a neutron star on the surface of the earth

An average neutron star has a density of around 2 × 1018 kg/m3. In short, neutron stars are formed when the core of a massive star collapses then the protons and electrons of the core melt and form neutrons. If a neutron star collides with any planet in our solar system, it will break the planet into parts because of its high density. Only one spoonful of a neutron star is enough to break our earth. 

5. A giant alcohol cloud floating in space

floating alcohol cloud in universe
Can you see the Glass?

There is a giant cloud of alcohol are floating in a region of space. That region is known as W3(OH) and it’s almost 7000 light-years away from us. This floating alcohol cloud has a diameter greater than 1000 times of our solar system. It has enough alcohol to fill a glass of beer 400,000,000 billion-billion times but fortunately, these alcohols are not suitable for drinking.

6. Number of stars are more than grains of sand on the earth

Stars and grains of sand

There are 100 billion galaxies are present in the universe and each galaxy has 100 billion stars, so the number of stars are around 1022 in space. This large number of stars is much greater than the grains of sand present on the earth. In 1 cubic centimeter, 8000 grains of sand can be packed. If we count all sands present on the earth including sands on beaches, and desserts still it will be 10 times lesser than the number of stars.

7. Our earth can become a black hole

Black hole
Black Hole: Most Mysterious

A black hole is a large amount of matter compressed into a very dense region. Our planet can become a black hole if it gets compressed very small enough as the size of a marble. The earth would need to be less than 1 cm radius of the sphere to become a black hole. The gravitational pull of the black hole is so strong that nothing could escape from it, even light. But this small size of the black hole will not have enough gravitational pull as a real black hole has.

Hence, these were some amazing Universe Facts, hope you have liked reading them. Still, our universe is mysterious and humans have to know a lot about it. 


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